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On July 4, 2026, the United States will commemorate its 250th anniversary, referred to as the Semiquincentennial. In preparation for this significant event, IHistories for Kids and HFK Presents will present a range of engaging programs suitable for all ages. These interactive presentations will allow audiences to delve into the lives of pivotal figures who have shaped the nation's history. Each program is thoughtfully designed to explore various facets of the characters, providing a comprehensive insight into the origins of our country.

Countdown to our Semiquincentennial
July 4, 2026





Special America @ 250
Program Titles and Descriptions

Have you begun planning your "Semiquin" events? It will be a day for speeches, picnics, parades and more!

As our county approaches its 250th anniversary in 2026, also known as the Semiquincentennial, Histories for Kids and HFK Presents will offer a range of programs suitable for young and old. These interactive programs invite the audience to participate in the thrilling celebration by delving into the lives of influential figures who shaped our nation's history.


Each of the (9) nine presentations in the  "America@250" program series will focus on the unique talents of these individuals, offering a comprehensive insight into their contributions to our country's beginnings.

The big day will arrive sooner than you think.
Don't miss the chance to have a historical figure who witnessed the beginning of our country’s history speak at your library programs, school assemblies, historical society, or organizational events.

Click the box below to access a unique list of program titles and descriptions for our America@250 programs.


Educational Materials

If you're an educator seeking additional educational resources, check out our
Historical Classroom tab at the top of the page and navigate to the America@250 materials.

American Trivia

What American document became the law
of the land in 1788?


The Constitution of the United States

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